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Jennyke Kartawidjaja, The White Shadow Series, Faeries, 2021 | Paper, wood, acrylic paint, lights | 32,5x42x5x11x5cm

Jennyke Kartawidjaja

I began with collecting pictures and some drawings and photoshop helped me to create negative and positive space as a pattern, landscape or silhouette. Furthermore grouping all together and finding the best depth effect and cutting it and collecting it again together. Assembly LED light on the background before I seal off together inside a wood shadow frame box. (On one of the series I inserted music box to create effect music and movement)

For the Birdies-series I used pictures of birds in their natural habitat and made patterns out of them. I copied all the feathers from the images, cut it and with the help of glue assembly it together. To create a 3D effect I used pillow glue between the papers.

Jennyke Kartawidjaja, The White Shadows series: Forest Journey, 2021

Papir, papp, akryl, lys, 32,5×42,5×11,5cm


Jennyke Kartawidjaja: Mystery of Shards Island, 2021

Mixed media, 30x22x22cm

Miniature diorama inside glass dome.


Jennyke Kartawidjaja, The White Shadows series: Arabian night, 2021

Mixed media, 32,5×42,5×11,5cm

Jennyke Kartawidjaja, Birdies series: Parrot, 2021

Paper, carton, 23c28,5x6cm

Jennyke Kartawidjaja, Birdies series: Owl, 2021

Paper, carton, 23c28,5x6cm